Bio-Inspired Clothing Technology: How Insects Inspire Better Waterproof, Breathable Sportswear

In this video from the Biomimicry Institute, we are introduced to one of the 2022 Ray of Hope Prize® finalists. This video explores how bio-inspired clothing technology is changing the game for environmentally conscious outdoor enthusiasts. While traditional outdoor gear relies on a combination of materials coated in non-degradable chemicals, Amphico has taken a page from nature's book, creating textiles that achieve complex performance using simple, sustainable substances.

By drawing inspiration from the natural defenses of microscopic arthropods like springtails, Amphico has developed a non-polar fabric with nano, micro, and macro-level texturing that repels water, dirt particles, and harmful bacteria. Additionally, Amphico has reduced the environmental impact of the coloring process by mimicking the multi-textured surfaces of tiger beetles and butterflies, creating a multitude of colors using only four different-colored yarns.

This innovative bio-inspired clothing technology not only protects outdoor enthusiasts but also the environment they love. By making textiles easier to recycle and reducing the amount of freshwater consumed during the coloring process by over 80%, Amphico is paving the way for a more sustainable future in the outdoor industry.