Growing a Just, Green Economy in Georgia

A Drawdown Georgia Webinar

What is the future of Georgia's clean energy economy? Who are the key players? Watch the Drawdown Georgia webinar from September 14th where we took a deeper look at how we can grow business opportunities along with fair wages for all Georgians. 

Hear from corporate, training, and climate justice leaders about:

  • The economic potential of clean energy/climate solutions in Georgia
  • Where we should be investing in workforce development
  • The industries (small and large) that are advancing climate solutions and advancing sustainability in Georgia
  • How to ensure access to fair wages and benefits

Moderated by MaKara Rumley, environmental justice expert and founder of Hummingbird Firm, our expert panel for this event included:

  • Latesa Bailey, senior manager and head of department for human resources at Kia Georgia
  • Garry Harris, managing director of the Center for Sustainable Communities

Watch the video here.